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Vive PRO is compatible!

We get a lot of customers asking if the Vive Pro will work with our charging dock and we are happy to report that the answer is yes!  It can be stored in both Tabletop and Wall-Mount configurations as shown below. 

We have been using ours for the last few months and love the increased resolution and comfort.  The difference in image quality is noticeable when using it for some time and then trying to use a lower res headset like the original Vive or Rift.




Fallout 4 VR is amazing!

Fallout 4 VR is amazing!

We cant get enough of this game!  Such a huge open world to get lost in and explore. We never played it on standard 2D, but that's the beauty of VR. The level of immersion opens you up to games you previously would not have been interested in playing on a standard 2d monitor.  The future of VR has so much potential and this game has us even more excited for the future!

Its also one of the few games we found ourselves playing for hours at a time so having a dock to charge the controllers conveniently after each use makes sure we are ready to go the next time we jump into the wasteland. 

Ready to play Skyrim VR!

We have never played Skyrim before but are super excited to try it out in VR.  A high quality open world game in VR should be amazing!