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VRGE Docks in the wild

After a few weeks of shipping to our backers the first images of our docks in use are starting to roll in.  This was one of our most interesting and favorite so far.  Triple stack wall mounting!

Kickstarter Shipment Arrival!

 After a long journey through the manufacturing process our first shipment of docks for our Kickstarter backers has finally arrived.  Time to start shipping units!

Fully Funded and going to production!

Fully Funded and going to production!

Its been a wild ride, but last month with the help of the Kickstarter and VR community we were able to raise the funds to have our first product made!  Our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped us get there.

The manufacturing process is off to a great start.  To stay up to date on the progress you can also follow along on our Kickstarter page.  We have been posting updates every few weeks to keep everyone informed on the status.