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Oculus Rift-S is compatible!

We have some great news. The Oculus Rift-S will fit into our current Rift stand.  It will fit in both desktop and wall mount configurations as shown below.

Rift S Stand 1


Rift S Stand Front


Rift S Wall Storage 1


Rift S Wall Stand 2

VR Wall Mount Storage Solution

Introducing out new virtual reality wall mount solution.  Make room on your desk or table by hanging your hardware from the wall with this simple elegant solution.  Made of guntmetal grey anodized aluminum and includes mounting hardware.  Compatible with most VR headsets and controllers including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR.




Vive PRO is compatible!

We get a lot of customers asking if the Vive Pro will work with our charging dock and we are happy to report that the answer is yes!  It can be stored in both Tabletop and Wall-Mount configurations as shown below. 

We have been using ours for the last few months and love the increased resolution and comfort.  The difference in image quality is noticeable when using it for some time and then trying to use a lower res headset like the original Vive or Rift.