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Oculus Quest Battery Organizer Kit

Introducing our Battery Kit Organizer Kit for Oculus Quest. Keep the feeling of wireless freedom even when using a tethered usb power bank to extend your Oculus Quest playtime. 

  • Organizes external usb battery packs for Oculus Quest
  • Universal clip attaches with VHB tape to any usb power bank with a flat surface, allowing power bank to store on pants hip or pocket.
  • Side clip for keeping usb cable clear of users hands and routed to the power bank while in use.
  • 5ft USB-C cable with heavy duty braided cord, velcro organizer and right angle connectors for clean cable routing.
  • Clip fits to back of Quest strap for organized storage with headset. Can also be attached back strap as a counterweight to reduce front face pressure when playing the Quest.


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