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We are live!

We are live!

Greetings people of the Metaverse!

Finally we are happy to share what we have been working on the last few months!  Those devices that transport us to other worlds can become a clutter nightmare in the real world.  

We would like to introduce our solution for a VR docking station that we hope solves these problems in an elegant way.  We have listened to the VR community since consumer VR officially launched back in April and have incorporated many key features into the dock that help protect, organize and charge your VR hardware.

We will be launching our Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks to help get this product into production and into the hands of those who want it.  We have partnered with a manufacturer and have everything set up and ready to go.  All we need now is the help of the crowdfunding community. Sign up to our newsletter below and we will notify you as soon as our campaign goes live!


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